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Mission Statement

Anchored Estate Sales company is pleased to "anchor" you and your families estate sale. It is our mission to serve you with Honesty, Gratitude, Respect, and Fulfillment in the following areas:

     -Understanding your and your families needs as well as customers

     -Getting the best value for your items in a timely manner

     -Respecting your property and setting safety boundaries in a professional fashion.

We at Anchored Estate Sales take pride in our business. Successful business starts with communication, engages with understanding, and develops an "anchored" relationship with all participants.

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Detail of our services

We come to you and provide all your estate sale needs including, but not limited to:






-ALL ADVERTIZING, STAGING, AND CLEANOUTS if preferred by the customer. NOTE: costs will vary by the size of remaining items and chosen disposal site-particular room, charity, donation, or may leave up to us. (possible buy-out). 

-Affiliated with Real-estate & Home Sales representatives if requested.


-We offer a limited contract for our safety as well as yours

It is very detailed and easy to understand and will be presented upon an agreed working relationship at consultation. 

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Customers can get excited about a sweet holiday sale or weekly special!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is there a fee to come out and look at my items?
  • A: NO. Free Consultations!
  • Q: Can I be at the sale when its open?
  • A: We prefer this does not happen. We understand there are emotions flying all over and found its best left up to us to conduct the sale from start to finish.
  • Q: Why would I want an estate sale vs a garage sale:
  • A: Hiring us saves you time and unnecessary stress. The odds of more profit are in your favor with our professional knowledge.
  • Q: What services do you provide?
  • A: We provide all setup, advertising(social media, photos, etc.), sorting, pricing, staging, placing, cleanup, disposal, inventory, etc.
  • Q: How do we collect for our services?
  • A: Discussed upon consultation. Various options - percentage of sales, flat rate, flat rate plus percentage, a minimum or a percentage of sales, whichever is greater...depending on your items we will access the best option for both of us. All fees will be included.
  • Q: Do you have a professional appraiser.
  • A: No. However, we research and research. We have connections to Appraisers for appraisals. After years in the estate sale industry, we have extensive knowledge of values and price accordingly.
  • Q: How do you handle crowd control?
  • A: We have a number system, security staff, block off entry/exit doors, limit the number of shoppers if needed, no bags or large items allowed on shoppers.
  • Q: Do you discount merchandise?
  • A: Were always intending to get the best value for the estate. We try to keep prices firm on the opening day. We will take offers into consideration. The second or last hours/days we may schedule to discount on any or all items.
  • Q: Do you allow for the company to make purchases?
  • A: We do NOT purchase from the estate sale.
  • Q: Do you allow sale of  items in the estate prior to the sale?
  • A: That is an option to be discussed. Depending on the timeframe of the sale and the items contained therein. 
  • Q: What happens before the sale and how long does it take?
  • A: Assessment, discussion, contract, setup, and planed dates. We ask for 2-3 Days prior to your sale for setup. We can be booked 2-3 months in advance.
  • Q: What is required of you as Estrate owners?
  • A: We do ask that you remove all items NOT for sale. may put in a private room or a designated area that we can block off that will not be used for traffic flow. Boxing up your items helps greatly. We will discuss all items again prior to the sale walking with you.
  • Q: Should we clean all our items?
  • A: Shoppers have a greater appetite for clean items.  
  • Q: Do I need to provide anything for my sale?
  • A: We have and will provide the necessary means to run a successful sale. We move merchandise as needed to keep a tidy desirable atmosphere.  
  • Q: Might there be any penalties for pulling an item(s) out of the sale. 
  • A: at this point we have discussed in detail "for sale" items. If this is to happen we will have to agree on a solution.
  • Q: How do we wrap up the sale?
  • A: Evaluation, spreadsheet, disbursements, closure discussion.


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